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TrackNet’s GPS Fleet Tracking System

As your GPS supplier, TrackNet can connect you to your fleet from anywhere. With our discreetly positioned GPS tracking devices, TrackNet provides the reliable and timely data you need to make smart fleet management decisions. From vehicle location to fuel usage, idle time, driver safety and more, TrackNet keeps you on top of everything that happens with your fleet – every vehicle, all the time.


Helping You Do More For Less

TrackNet’s tracking System helps you do more with less. We understand the challenges that your company faces, which is why we designed solutions aimed to help you leverage resources to address shrinking budgets, rising fuel and labor costs, and other vehicle management challenges. Our innovative vehicle tracking technology lets you control costs and improve operational efficiencies, vehicle reliability, driver safety, and more.  By putting the right information in the hand of the right people at the right time, GPS systems give you unprecedented control over fleet performance, allowing you to make decisions to lower costs and improve productivity.


Why We’re A Leading GPS Supplier

Since 1999, we’ve been helping clients control their fleets and service calls, and now we want to give you 100%Accountability of your field team. The system is easy to  self-install  however; we have our nationwide network of professional installers, so your devices can be installed in just days if you’d like us to handle this task.  You’ll also get a dedicated TrackNet staff member to guide you from the sales process to installation. We will also train you and your crew on how to use the system, making it a smooth transition.

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